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Ekalavya is the word originated from a Tamil word Ekalaivan, combination of Eai + Kalai + van. (ஏய் +கலை+வன்)
Eai/ஏய் - எய்தல்/ அம்பு எய்யும் /Torsing /Archery.
Kalai / கலை - the art
Van / வன் - வல்லவன் / master/expert.
Ekalaivan Character From The Epic The Mahabharata. He Was A Young Prince Of The Nishadha He Was Noted As A Very Powerful Archer And Warrior He Was Killed By Shri Krishna When He Tried To Attack Dwaraka And The Yadavas One Day When Drona And His Students Were Going Out Into The Forest, Arjuna Saw A Dog That Was Unable To Bark Due To An Amazing Construction Of Arrows In And All Around His Mouth. This Construction Was Harmless To The Dog, But Prevented The Dog From Barking. Drona Was Amazed, But Also Distressed: As He Had Promised Arjuna That He Would Make Him The Greatest Archer In The World. Drona And His Students Investigated, And Came Upon Ekalavya. Upon Seeing Drona, Ekalavya Came And Bowed To Him
Drona Asked Ekalavya Where He Had Learnt Archery. Ekalavya Replied "Under You, Guruji", And Showed Drona His Statue While Explaining What He Had Done.
Drona Then Reminded Ekalavya That To Truly Be Drona's Pupil, Ekalavya Would Have To Pay Guru Dakshina. Readily, Ekalavya Offers To Do Anything For Drona. Drona Knew Ekalavya In Future Will Work For Magadha Which Was Enemy Of Hastinapur, Drona Asks Ekalavya To Cut Off His Right Thumb As Guru Dakshina. Happy And Smiling, Ekalavya Cuts Off The Thumb And Present It As Gurudakshina To Dronacharya

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